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Finding A Better Balance: Colin Cooper, Hillsboro

Finding a Better Balance: Colin Cooper, Hillsboro

“We are Holland,” according to City of Hillsboro Planning Manager, Colin Cooper; that’s how he likes to describe his city to the press. Does that make Los Angeles more like a Barcelona?

Platinum Portland “sets the bar for all of us,” in terms of cycling initiatives, he adds. Hillsboro is surrounded by beautiful farmland, just a little over a mile from downtown; it’s great for cycling.

Hillsboro just installed a BikeStation facility near their downtown light rail station adjacent to the Cultural Arts Center and Tuality Hospital, one of many large employers. Imagine this sustainable transportation model: take your bike on the train then cycle the last miles to work. You’ll learn much of Hillsboro listening to Colin, like the fact that all Intel’s latest chip designs are created locally.

From a California point of view, Hillsboro and the greater Portland area seem way ahead in terms of accommodating cyclists, but what are the issues they continue to face in terms of buy-in from the driving public?

And what’s the Urban Growth Boundary? Listen to hear Colin describe how Oregon uses it to control sprawl.

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Colin Cooper



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  1. One clarification: the beauty of Bikestation facilities is that they enable you to not HAVE to take your bike on the train if you don’t need to. Ride to the station, park it securely, take a shower, and be on your way on the train/bus. And know that it will be there when you get back. Ultimately, with a network of Bikestation facilities at every station, some people may use one Bikestation facility for their first mile, and keep a bike at the Bikestation facility at the other end for their last mile!
    Andrea White, CEO Bikestation

  2. Well done. I am an avid cyclist and I thoroughly enjoyed this segment. Can’t wait for the next one.
    Great seeing you in Philly last month. Will Hill

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