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Newport Beach Police Chief Jay Johnson

Newport Beach Police Chief Jay Johnson and three of his traffic officers joined with about 30 members of the cycling public tonight to discuss improving cycling safety. City Manager Dave Kiff, Councilwoman Nancy Gardner and Public Works Director Steve Badum were there to reinforce the city’s commitment.

Johnson is new in the position; he comes from Long Beach, a city with a reputation for bike safety. The Chief, in his invitation email, described a cyclist fatality that occurred his second week on the job. Tonight he expressed his dedication to working with the many cycling advocates in attendance.

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  1. Here’s a bike safety tip that has saved my life more than once. Mount a metal wire saddlebag basket over your back tire. Car drivers keep their distance when they see it.
    When I use to live in Korea Town in downtown L.A. my bicycle was my car. I was near the corner of Wilshire and Normandie. If you check the history there were a lot of traffic deaths in that intersection.
    When I put that wire saddlebag basket on my bike the cars stayed as far away as they could. They really don’t want to scratch their car.
    The wire cleans up easily and doesn’€™t bring a bunch of road grime into your house. It also changes your entire biking life style. You’€™ll find yourself going farther, going to more places, and doing more things.
    The basket makes it easy to bring things from home or pick things up to take home. It also makes it easy to stay out longer. You can shed your warm clothing like a jacket as the day heats up and you can put on warm clothing that you have brought along as it gets cold.
    Matthew Artero

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