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Keeping Your Cool, Bob Mionske

Keeping Your Cool, Bob Mionske

Ever wanted to confront that driver who just buzzed you?

How often do you lose your cool while driving a car?
Inconsiderate drivers can make us all a little crazy.

Now picture yourself on your bike; that same motorist can be dangerous and annoying. It’s the crux of the bicyclist versus motor vehicle disharmony; that’s where we end up in our discussion.

The longer we talk the better everything sounds, and for more than the obvious reasons. Since the last time we spoke, I’ve added a mirror to my bike; it was advice I couldn’t ignore. Bob’s reply, “I have a puppy in my lap.”

Some how we find a groove, get everything set up right and we’re on the same wave length.

Show #19

Bob's new puppy

Bob Mionske
Bob Mionske
Bicycling and the Law



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