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No Texting While Driving! IZUP
Dan Ross

No Texting While Driving! iZUP

States pass laws, but does it do any good? Threats of fines apparently, aren’t much of a deterrent.

Many parents would pay for a way to block texting for their teenage drivers; I would. And so would many fleet managers; they’re liable for accidents caused when their drivers are texting behind the wheel at work. There’s no defense in the courtroom – when the driver is texting at the time of the accident. It’s the corporate side of this problem that entrepreneurs Dan Ross, left, and Bill Elfers of Illume Software are tackling with their iZup (phonetically: eyes up!) tool to block cellphone use while behind the wheel.

Does it block texting if you’re a passenger? Does it work for iPhone? What if I’m stuck in traffic, can I use the phone then? Dan deftly fielded these and many more questions from the pool of potential investors gathered in Cambridge earlier this month for the ACA’s Annual Summit.

I was interested as an investor, a parent, a cyclist and as a pedestrian.

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