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Pete Van Nuys, OC Bicycle Coalition

Pete Van Nuys, OC Bicycle Coalition

Still riding like a 6 year old?
That’s when most of us learned to ride, or stopped learning.

“Stay out of the way of the cars!” your mom advised. Do we have to un-learn some of these old messages?

Know your emergency maneuvers? Can you make an emergency right turn if a car turns in front of you?

Meet the man who taught me. He’s the Director of the Orange County Bicycle Coalition, Pete Van Nuys. He’s taught me much of what I know about safe riding. Pete was the instructor for Traffic Skills 101, a certification for cyclists that I completed last Spring.

How do you encourage more cycling when some feel unsafe going out, even in their own neighborhood?

Venture past your street onto a collector street and many people worry that they’re gonna be run over.Pete van Nuys

Listen as Pete offers his suggestions to overcoming these concerns: “Let’s go for a ride when traffic is light,” and other insights.

Show #8

Pete Van Nuys



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  1. Happy New Year!
    How are you doing? It’s been some time since we spoke. In fact, being the media mogul that you are, you might not even remember me. I’m with the City of Riverside and a conversation we had one night in Orange County is one of the main reasons that the Inland Empire has a chapter of the Tech Coast Angels.
    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your cycling blog. A friend of mine, an avid cyclist, has been trying to get me to purchase a bike and ride with him. In fact, he’s bugged me so much that I’ve been working on putting money away for a Cannondale.
    Anyway, the blog is great and I look forward to future entries.

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