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Bob Mionske, Fight Or Flight

Bob Mionske, Fight or Flight

He’s the author of Bicycling and the Law; this former bicycle racer writes Road Rights, a monthly column in Bicycling magazine.

I wanted to get his thoughts on bike riding on sidewalks, because it’s a subject that keeps on coming up. But first we chat about mirrors, eye wear, distracted drivers, riding in the rain and 3-foot laws, like the one that’s coming back around to Governor Brown’s desk again soon. Bob reminds me of the most important part of any 3-foot rule. Then he adds the motorists’ most common defense when charged with violating the rule. Can you guess?

Early on I mention Tim Kreider’s “Cycle of Fear” commentary in the New York Times, where he connects our primal fight-or-flight mechanisms to the source of our joy of riding a bicycle.

We wrap up with Bob as my judge, grading me on my impromptu response to a neighbor who asks me my opinion on bike licensing. How does Bob rate my response? You’ll enjoy listening as he elaborates on this and many other topics in today’s show.

Show #36 Listen to Bob.

Bob Mionske
Bob Mionske
Bicycling and the Law
Bob's original artwork
Bob's original artwork



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