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Let’s Make the Case for Separated Bike Lanes

Physically Separated Bike Lanes from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Vancouver hosted a major city planning conference this summer. Word keeps trickling out about the latest developments in bike infrastructure — separated bike lanes.

Sarah Goodyear summarizes in “The Case for Separated Bike Lanes“.

They’d be great on uphill climbs, along zippy stretches of Coast Hwy; I can think of many spots where they’d protect cyclists. We’ve got to do something more to save lives and I’m afraid more signs and paint on the road ain’t gonna do it.

Where would such treatments fit on our local roads?

Jamboree, Ford Road, uphill on Newport Coast Drive and San Joaquin Hills Drive where wandering, distracted drivers have killed; eastbound on Coast Hwy between Jamboree and Avocado and again after Cameo Shores, basically anywhere motorists are traveling at 50-60mph off your left elbow. Paint’s not gonna have much of an impact safety-wise.

Picture Separated Bike Lanes on the long uphill stretches of Newport Coast Drive and San Joaquin Hills Drive, and why not on Coast Hwy, too? They’d save lives. Click to enlarge.



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