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Saturday at Starbucks


Where else should I be? Starbucks at Goldenrod & Coast Hwy is where the cyclists are.

I spent some time here yesterday – I came to shoot cyclists in motion, like I was doing in the Netherlands. My trip photos turned out so well – cyclists in motion with blurred backgrounds – I wanted to keep shooting here at home. It was only an after-thought yesterday when I passed out a handful of the blue business-card-sized Sharrows cards. I brought more this morning.

It was not so great for shooting because so many were stopping for coffee; cyclists were pouring in. That gave me an opportunity to chat.

We’re all ingrained to accept someone’s business card, and in that 2-second exchange I have just enough time to mumble a few words about safe riding on Coast Hwy. It’s good to stop talking and ask a question: “Where are you riding from?” This gets a 2-way chat going.

The most common question: “Where else are these going? Laguna?”


There was one thing I wasn’t prepared for: “Thanks for doing this.”




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