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Tom Godefrooij, Dutch Cycling Embassy

Stephanie Noll at Oregon’s BTA referred me; I’d be in the Netherlands for a week and I was eager to interview local advocates. Her introduction opened the door for me to meet with Tom Godefrooij at the Dutch Cycling Embassy in Utrecht – all I had to do was get to Utrecht, but that turned out to be quite straightforward. Train service from Rotterdam was easy, something I’m not used to coming from Southern California where there’s so little public transportation.

Turns out my observations about transportation options at home is something I have in common with many who come to meet Tom. He arranges tours for mostly U.S. municipalities that have heard about the great cycling infrastructure in Holland and want to see it for themselves, with an eye towards improving bike safety back home. What a fun job!

For more on the cycling scene in the Netherlands, see my post at WomenOnBikesSoCal: Dutch Dames.

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