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Packing Ultra Light Electronics

Keyboard, stand and iPhone camera

Packing for Halifax isn’t easy. Temperatures have warmed, but it’s still cool and coastal. Then there’s the electronics. What’s the least I can bring to take photos and document the bike tour while posting to the blog, too?

I left the Apple store with much of my wallet still intact. Would I get the new iPad and take it instead of the MacBook Air? That would save more than a pound from my panniers.

I arrived early, right after opening, so Brandon had time to consider some alternatives with me. “I love it when someone has a project,” that being my upcoming bike tour and my desire to pack ultra-light.

So instead of a new iPad, which would’ve been nice, too, instead all I bought was a wireless keyboard. And a small stand for the iPhone. This configuration is ultra-weenie – the keyboard and stand added up to only $100. I’m typing this post with this poor-man’s setup and the photo is linked from the iPhone camera.

I’m pleased. I’ve saved pounds of electronic weight. I’m still loaded for bear and fully capable of documenting my Halifax tour. And if moisture gets to the keyboard, it’s inexpensive to replace, unlike the iPad or Air.



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