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Bike Rack Potential

Bike Rack Potential

Ron Yeo and I spent some time this morning on field work. Yeah, we knew there was nothing but a blank canvas when it comes to bike racks for Corona del Mar, but where exactly?

Ron knew that Ace Hardware was at the top of my list; I’m usually locking up to a sign post.

Albertsons – not many opportunities here and too bad because grocery shopping by bike is fun.

Once we started spotting red curbs as potential bike rack sites, we found lots of opportunities. Placing them in red curb areas means that people exiting from parked cars won’t be inconvenienced by a bike rack.

This got to be so easy — locating the red zones and placing the bikes curbside — that we agreed anyone could do this research, no need for the pedigree talent we were investing in the task.

Room for 2 outside Ace Hardware
Finding red curb spots is the key
Outside Union Bank
There's a lot of red curb here on Goldenrod
Most days Starbucks could use a lot of bike racks and the good news is – there's a lot of red curb here
Bike racks for all our local fine dining destinations
You'd think patrons of CdM Fitness would use a bike rack
Can we swap these newspaper racks for bike racks?



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