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Fire Rings Fruit Cake Bingo!

Some of you are wondering… has this site been taken over by a bunch of anti-fire rings fanatics?

I’m still checking my web logs, but in the meantime, let me fire one last shot across the bow!

Soon I’ll be back on my meds and riding my bike, then these other advocacy issues will blow away like a puff of smoke.

Along those lines, I’m pulling back from the limelight. It’s kinda intoxicating to be seen on TV and quoted in the Press. As a 7-year blogger on a variety of topics, that’s what I suppose I’ve always wished for – being discovered.

But as I get started with the 12-Step Fire Rings Advocacy Rehabilitation Program, today I turned down a TV appearance. Can you imagine my withdrawal symptoms? I mean, prior to all this fire ring frenzy, it’s been since the day Michael Jackson’s medical doctor was convicted that I’ve enjoyed seeing my mug on TV!

I have to admit, this latest TV invite was in the form of a debate with a fire rings advocate in Huntington Beach and I knew I would lose. One thing I’ve learned about myself: in realtime I seldom get the last word or win many arguments – that’s why I write. Here I can craft my arguments and edit them for hours sometimes. I knew I’d be blown out of the water if I attempted to debate the fire rings controversy.

As you know, I’m against the fire rings. I’ve lived with them for 15 years and I’m beginning to understand the health impact on myself, my family, my neighbors and the region. But how would that play against the red-meat arguments of a fire rings proponent?

Then I got an idea! Instead of arguing with an almost lunatic proponent, which would be no fun at all – turn it into a game!

I would sneak my Fire Rings Fruit Cake Bingo card into the TV studio and secretly check off the nutty arguments he’d use, the same nutty things everyone in Huntington Beach seems to be saying, then near the end of the interview, as my opponent would be licking his lips, knowing he mopped the floor with me, I’d jump up out of my chair, dislodging my microphone probably, and shout BINGO!

Next time you’re in a discussion about the health effects of the fire rings, play along.


Smart enough to know the fire rings are poisoning the entire region, but not smart enough to stop arguing with those who love them anyway? Make it fun, play BINGO!



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