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Phosphorescent Pedego

Phosphorescent Pedego

Have you Friend’d Pedego Electric Bikes yet?

When you do you’ll see all kinds of color combinations rolling out the door into the waiting arms of their happy electric bike customers. I’ve seen black with green rims, pink with electric yellow rims — really, anything goes!

Mine’s plain white with white rims.

The most color you’ll see on my bike is whatever I’m wearing and like many of my bike advocate friends, I’m usually dressed up like a human Cheeto. (Kudos to David Huntsman for that apt descriptor.)

I wanted white even though my favorite model only came in white. I was happy with white for one reason, well two — it’ll match my other white bikes, plus it’ll be easier to see in low light conditions. That’s important to me. Being seen is a big part of riding safely. The biggest, actually.

So on all my bikes I’ve got lights and more lights. So many lights, passers-by often shout,

You’ve got your lights on!

I know; they’re on for safety. Night and day.

It’s not my original idea; I’ve gotta credit my bike buddy Mark Goodley. His reasons for doing so are simple,

Stay well lit and you won’t get hit.

Even though the Pedego City Commuter Step-Through comes with front and rear lights, I wanted more. I wanted blinking lights.

Last night I took my first ride lit the way I wanna be lit. People noticed; I heard comments. Let me share what I’ve added to the bike:

  • On the rear I added a Serfas Thunderbolt. Right under the seat there’s a space that looks like it’s made for the Thunderbolt. Of course, I like the T-bolt for its blink mode, or should I call it blinding mode? Put this light on your bike and you’ll be seen. By the way, it comes in 7 different colors, in case you’re not starting with white.
  • Up front on the handlebars, I’ve installed a NiteRider Lumina mount. It’s on all my bikes, so whenever I roll out the garage it’s as simple as sliding on a freshly charged light. I’ve been upgrading each year as the company rolls out a new unit, usually with double the lumens and double the battery life. My latest is the Lumina 650 and like my 350 and 500 it’s USB rechargeable. The new 650 comes with a thread-on mount which I like — I can get it positioned right and tight. Its got a great blink mode, too; just be sure to aim it low — it’s bright!

So now, for the time being, I’m happy. My Pedego is lit just the way I want it lit.

Now it’s time for another nighttime ride…

The USB rechargeable Serfas Thunderbolt
There's plenty of room on the handlebars for this powerful blinker



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