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Jack Ucciferri For City Council, District 6

Jack Ucciferri for City Council, District 6

He’s a renter. He’s a bicycle advocate. He lives in downtown Santa Barbara.

He’s running for City Council in the 6th District.

He’s running against an incumbent; he’s the underdog, so he has to have better ideas, a more daring plan for Santa Barbara’s future.

He’s in favor of bikeshare, like Santa Monica has recently implemented. He’s in favor of more competition, such as breaking Cox Cable’s broadband monopoly. He speaks of the perils that may come with the widening of the 101 Fwy. He envisions mixed use in the downtown core, combining residential, commercial services, and retail for a more vibrant city center.

He’s a Berniecrat. He’s inspired to try new ideas to address challenges the city faces. He’s not biding his time before he can run for higher office, as he says the incumbent is doing.

Listen to Jack and if you like what you hear, make a contribution to his campaign at

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