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Mini Touring – Day 4

Mini Touring – Day 4

We’ve got a 7:30am train to catch in Guadalupe, so we’re up early, rolling out of the Santa Maria Inn at 6am.

Saturday Surprise

We know the route – half of the 9-mile route we rode on our way into town. There’s a wide bike lane next to high speed traffic, but what we didn’t know is that we’d be in rush hour traffic – farmworkers were clogging the roads, driving to the fields.

Surfliner South

Guadalupe is quiet. We arrive early. The southbound AMTRAK Surfliner to Santa Barbara is the last leg of this mini-tour – we select ocean view seats this time. Friends at the Bici Centro Grand Opening last night insisted we might see whales.

Bikes and trains go together so easily – just add the bike to your AMTRAK reservation, no extra charge.

This entire trip was low on stress and high on simple pleasures, great wine and bike-friendly hotels.

This little 4-day getaway paid off large.

Hop back on the train to return to Santa Barbara



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