Ride Lower State Street

You’re on your bike heading to the beach. You’ve passed the railroad tracks – bump, bump, bump – now, what’s this?

The road narrows quickly, but most cars aren’t slowing down. Yikes, here’s a truck!

Is this safe for bicycles?

It's a tough road to Vision Zero.
Too risky for out of towners?
Here's what's causing the problem – a new median is squeezing the travel lane, increasing proximity and decreasing safety. Two lanes narrow to one, but motorists speeds slow too gradually.
Too close for comfort? All of a sudden their casual bike ride just got real. Motorists are quickly confronted with changing conditions, but don't slow quickly enough.
Sure, he's smiling, but he's about to be squeezed by these vehicles.
Especially when it's this busy – cyclists belong in a protected bike lane.
Queuing up
Vulnerable road users
Tourist motorists and tourist cyclists – what could go wrong?
Look safe to you?
It's a tough road to Vision Zero.



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