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Room For Cream? Caffeinate Your Wifi Wrap-up

Room for cream? Caffeinate your wifi wrap-up

It started out as a pet peeve – I couldn’t find enuf wifi to demo a piece of software. That led to a survey. The survey is apparently never ending…

There’s a new undisputed champion of coffee shop wifi – Breakfast Culture Club at 711 Chapala. They offer roughly twice the download speeds of the runners-up – my test showed >60Mbps. That’s fast. Plus they offer electrical outlets, unlike Handlebar Coffee, which holds down last place in this informal survey.

Besides rip-roaring wifi, Breakfast has a cool vibe with an artsy shark themed interior. The only drawback? Their loyal customers already know about these insane wifi speeds and they’re camped out, plugged in and seem to be in no hurry to leave – yeah, it’s hard to find a table for 2. Get there early.

Breakfast Culture Club sets the record
Breakfast Culture Club
Breakfast has it all – a retro look with surfboards & sharks, outlets and blazing wifi

Wifi wrap-up

  1. Breakfast, 711 Chapala, 60Mbps
  2. Green Star, Public Market, ~30
  3. Tangonadas, 1014 State Street, ~30
  4. The French Press, 1101 State Street, ~30
  5. Starbucks, State St at Victoria St, ~17
  6. Peets Coffee, 1131 State St, ~12
  7. Handlebar Coffee, 128 E. Canon Perdido, ~3
Yummy empanadas, coffee and great wifi at Tangonadas



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