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Scramble: State Street At Cabrillo

Scramble: State Street at Cabrillo

Back from a long day in Santa Monica, I can’t get the diagonal crosswalks (AKA Scrambles) out of my head. They’ve installed them at 11 intersections:

Why aren’t we doing this here in Santa Barbara?

We need Scrambles on State Street:

  • at Cabrillo Blvd, in front of the Dolphin Fountain
  • at Carrillo Street, where motorists are charging to/from the Fwy, and
  • Everywhere else

Diagonals move people efficiently, that’s a big deal, but by stopping all automobile traffic for a signal cycle you’re increasing pedestrian safety.

Back in SaMo, they were everywhere, so pedestrians get used to them. If we install one or two, we’d better be prepared to install several.



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