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Santa Barbara Evacuation

Like so many folks in Santa Barbara, I'm a Thomas Fire refugee  – today's Day 9. Packing out with 2 cats and a suitcase, it was like living aboard a submarine – I'd been stuck indoors for 5 days breathing…

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You’re all dead

“You’re dead – you’re all dead.” Scary words to hear as you’re sharing public transportation with strangers – but it didn’t have the intended impact because we all recognized the crazy voice of the homeless. I turned to see what’s the…

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One Year Later: Portland Revisited

I left Portland a year ago, moving to Santa Barbara, so an anniversary visit seemed the perfect way to celebrate. (Read Why I bailed on Portland.) Old friends and new ones, I had a busy schedule to catch up with…

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Cathy Murillo for Mayor

It's last minute and with little notice – perhaps many have already cast their ballot, but SBBIKE's Eve Sanford insists and connects me and Cathy for this late in the election cycle interview. Before we even get started she's sent…

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Horses then Donkeys

A group of 11 from Santa Barbara's Bike Coalition visited Portland last month. We went to ride the infrastructure and meet the people that make it happen, like Roger Geller...

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Jobs vs. The Environment, again

It's time for some new arguments, because your JOBS vs. POISONING THE ENVIRONMENT logic is getting stale. People understand how your pass-on-polluting costs them their jobs and puts their loved ones in the hospital. "Dozens of workers were let go,"…

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