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Janette Sadik-Khan’s TED Talk

Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner NYC DOT: NY Streets? Not so mean anymore As bike advocates we've all heard the mantra: To make really effective changes, it takes commitment from the top. When you have that commitment and leadership, like NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Sadik-Khan, great things can happen. Watch her describe the highlights of her past 6 years' accomplishments.   Continue Reading

Carlsbad’s Pilot Projects, Bryan Jones

His business card reads, "Deputy Director, City Traffic Engineer"; meet Bryan Jones from the City of Carlsbad, CA. He's a fellow bike rider – we ride the same brand. He's a great coach, after only an hour together and I am learning how to be a more effective advocate. He's practiced – he's done all this before in Fresno before moving to Carlsbad only 2 years ago. He's having a big impact; already Carlsbad is a bright spot along the coast for those who wish to bike and walk. ... Continue Reading

A Parking Plan for CdM

Everyone agreed on one thing – the focus of the new Parking Plan for Corona del Mar is economic development. Yesterday was the kick-off day for the plan process with Brenda Wisneski and Fern Nueno from the City joining several members from the CdM BID. Nelson Nygaard's Brian Canepa did most of the talking; his first question: What did everyone want? Put many different ways perhaps, BID President Bernie Svalstad summed it up, "A plan for the future." How would bike ... Continue Reading