Summit Sentiments

The Bloomberg Administration is in its final months, but NYC Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Kahn had nothing to say about where she'll land next. She has little to worry about; JSK will land on her feet in some major metropolitan area. Today vital cities are competing for the companies that provide the modern high-tech jobs that attract people who want to walk their neighborhoods and bike to work. The era of aspiring to a big house miles out of town that comes with a long commute ... Continue Reading

Over the Handlebars Advocacy

Carolyn Szczepanski kicks off the Women Bike eventI meet Robin Bylenga, one of my most popular interviewsLunch keynote Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, who lost both legs in Iraq, thrills the audienceA dance trio surprisesThe Renaissance Hotel lobby Continue Reading

Women Bike

Carolyn Szczepanski kicks off the Women Bike conference in Washington, D.C. Continue Reading

Cycling Around the Capital

Pedego's Don DiCostanzo supplied the electric bikes and the two of us made our way around the National Mall visiting the attractions. It was cold. Add a little breeze off the river and it was really cold. But it all makes for a memorable day here in D.C. the day before the one-day Women's conference that kicks off the National Bike Summit. This trip would be the first time I met up with Matt O'Toole since he left Newport Beach back in October for a job in Maryland. He suggested meeting up ... Continue Reading

PWPB Day 2

Day 2 of the Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference is coming to a close. As usual, I started the day with a sunrise bike ride around Long Beach; this morning led by the maestro himself, Charlie Gandy.Everyone enjoys a ride along the beachCharlie tells stories as he educates I always learn something new from any time spent with Charlie. This morning I learned the difference betweek Portland and Seattle roundabouts. Long Beach installed several Portland-style roundabouts in Belmont Heights. ... Continue Reading

Pro Walk Kicks Off

On the Balboa Island ferry on my way back to Long Beach "Over stimulated," that's what my wife thought I was suffering from after the over-the-top Alliance for Biking and Walking's Leadership Retreat, so I came home for one night in the middle of this weeklong series of conferences. After a good night's sleep I was on the bike again, heading back along the coast. For me this is like a mini-tour — I've got the panniers packed with a few days of clothes. It's also been a good time for ... Continue Reading