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Ride Lower State Street

You're on your bike heading to the beach. You've passed the railroad tracks – bump, bump, bump – now, what's this? The road narrows quickly, but most cars aren't slowing down. Yikes, here's a truck! Is this safe for bicycles?

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Worst Intersection

It's wet and slippery. It's cobbled with a thousand rough edges to catch your tires. One false move and you're going down. It's a direct route to City College, so it's got traffic congestion. You're outnumbered and vulnerable. It's controlled…

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Sweet Circumstance

How often do you get to give a little corrective feedback to an errant motorist? I had my opportunity as I was heading home from an early morning meeting. I've had like zero times to actually comment to a motorist…

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New Lanes, New Signs

Overnight, Corona del Mar got some new striping along Coast Hwy, some new signage, too. Let's take a look: first a new bike lane... The idea here is that cyclists will stay out in this lane because to move them…

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Hot Spot: MacArthur at Coast Hwy

This is the first of a series exploring Hot Spots in the Newport Beach community, where cyclists are in the most danger because of road configuration or other issues. Today's hot spot, MacArthur Boulevard at Coast Hwy, has been called…

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