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Jobs vs. The Environment, again

It's time for some new arguments, because your JOBS vs. POISONING THE ENVIRONMENT logic is getting stale. People understand how your pass-on-polluting costs them their jobs and puts their loved ones in the hospital. "Dozens of workers were let go,"…

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Rethinking Transportation

When the Rethink Transportation report hit this spring, you could almost feel the shock waves. Transportation evangelists across the country posted links to the report and shared their own derivative ideas as to how our cities should adapt. Tony Seba's…

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In the SB Independent

I was written up in the Santa Barbara Independent recently: Santa Barbara's Newest Cycling Advocate, by Andie Bridges. Having recently relocated to Santa Barbara, he hopes to use all of his past experience to contribute to the community. “I think…

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Fire Rings Fruit Cake Bingo!

Some of you are wondering... has this site been taken over by a bunch of anti-fire rings fanatics? I'm still checking my web logs, but in the meantime, let me fire one last shot across the bow! Soon I'll be…

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