In the SB Independent

San Clemente’s Brenda Miller

Bike advocate extraordinaire, Brenda Miller, leads off "South County cycles towards safety" in the Orange County Register, San Clemente edition.       Continue Reading

AQMD Staff Report Proposes Beach Burning Ban

The much anticipated AQMD Staff report has been released. In it are new definitions of Rule 444 and 445: A new definition is added for "beach burning" which is prohibited beginning January 1, 2015 under this amendment. However, using charcoal and liquid/gaseous fuels for cooking at beaches is still permitted. Other types of recreational, ceremonial, or open burning remain exempt, such as those at regional parks and camp grounds not covered by the new definition... Under PAR 444 a city or ... Continue Reading

Fire Rings Fruit Cake Bingo!

Some of you are wondering... has this site been taken over by a bunch of anti-fire rings fanatics? I'm still checking my web logs, but in the meantime, let me fire one last shot across the bow! Soon I'll be back on my meds and riding my bike, then these other advocacy issues will blow away like a puff of smoke. Along those lines, I'm pulling back from the limelight. It's kinda intoxicating to be seen on TV and quoted in the Press. As a 7-year blogger on a variety of topics, that's what ... Continue Reading

At the AQMD

Barbara Peters speaks in favor of removing the beach fire rings. It was a thrill to be the first speaker called to the podium at the AQMD's hearing this morning as they consider banning beach fire pits along the Los Angeles and Orange County coastlines. There's a large crowd attending, many from the Huntington Beach Visitors Bureau, who will be speaking against their removal. Back at Bristol Farms Continue Reading

Auction Fundraiser

Thursday night: party and fundraiser! It's time for the Share the Road Charity Fundraiser and we're out to raise money for bike safety improvements in Newport Beach. It's a true win-win because all monies raised are matched 3:1 by the City. We're out to raise a total of $600K and we're well within reach, if you'll come out for this event. Barbara counted 16 bikes that'll be up for auction, maybe 17. All types of bikes, too, so if you've got someone on your naughty or nice gift list ... Continue Reading