Letter of the Week: Thoughts While Walking

... while walking in the "Cure of Cancer" event Sunday with a long time friend who has been a serious cyclist for about thirty years, I came up with a suggestion. Since Newport Beach now has control of the PCH thru the city, could we propose lowering the speed limit thru CdM from 35 (I believe this is the limit although there are not a lot of signs) to say 25, for most of the day the traffic doesn't move much faster anyway. This limit would of course apply to both motorists and ... Continue Reading

Glad It Was You

KC writes: I really enjoyed reading about your trip along the Erie canal. You guys faced some pretty harrowing circumstances and lived to tell the tale. I have to say that on the front end of your trip I was jealous for the adventure, however, I am glad it was you and not me on those final two days. Great stories. Continue Reading