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Santa Barbara Evacuation

Like so many folks in Santa Barbara, I'm a Thomas Fire refugee  – today's Day 9. Packing out with 2 cats and a suitcase, it was like living aboard a submarine – I'd been stuck indoors for 5 days breathing…

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One Year Later: Portland Revisited

I left Portland a year ago, moving to Santa Barbara, so an anniversary visit seemed the perfect way to celebrate. (Read Why I bailed on Portland.) Old friends and new ones, I had a busy schedule to catch up with…

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Jobs vs. The Environment, again

It's time for some new arguments, because your JOBS vs. POISONING THE ENVIRONMENT logic is getting stale. People understand how your pass-on-polluting costs them their jobs and puts their loved ones in the hospital. "Dozens of workers were let go,"…

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cycleCalCoast: What’s the Exit?

Angel investors love to ask, “What's the exit?” When they invest in a high-tech startup, they want to know how they'll get their money back, plus a big return. I'm a long-term angel investor dabbling in website development, in this…

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Why I bailed on Portland

I had my reasons, but may I start with why I moved to Portland in the first place? I had family there and I would move into the same high-rise apartment building downtown. That was a big plus. The MAX…

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