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Two Women Dead

Many replied to the blizzard of tweets and Facebook posts, I thought this was a duplicate, a re-posting. It was and it wasn't. Two women cyclists have been killed in Newport Beach in a single 24-hour period this weekend. The…

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This Latest Fatality

A Facebook friend wrote this on my timeline; I've been pondering a response... I am pretty sure the Bicycle Safety Committee has failed. A 22 year old girl killed on her bike at an intersection already identified by the committee…

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Practicing Patience

Yesterday I started a series on civility and courtesy at bikeNewportBeach. This post today feels a little more personal, so it's posted here. Patience comes easier for me as I get a little older, or maybe it's just because I…

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Drivetrain, Day 2

Everything in the drivetrain came off the bike today. At times It looks like I'm having a hard time keeping up with the exercises, so I point out that I'm working on 2 bikes for each assignment. One bike is…

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In the Classroom

Today was Day 1 of the UBI Bike Maintenance class; it was a very busy day. An hour of instruction is typically followed by an hour doing something to your bike. Three instructors circulate to answer questions and test my…

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Wrap Up with Deputy Chief McGill

Someone once told me: never pickup calls with the caller id BLOCKED; it's hard to break old habits. Today my phone showed several incoming calls like this; why hadn't I heard them? I've got lousy cellphone service here at home,…

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