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My Summer Vacation

Follow the comments stream at coronadelmartoday: 1 comment.I worked my way through college on the Boston & Maine Railroad. As a Gandy dancer I made great money laying track during the scorching summer months around Boston. This summer the idea…

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Boulder, Platinum Paradise

Boulder Creek Trail at Broadway, one of many off road bike paths. What a great visit to Boulder this week! The city has been on my list, yours too? I wanted to observe this advanced sub-species of Homo Sapiens that's…

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A bike advocate finds his voice

My cholesterol numbers were too high – I was dieting, but not losing weight. Sound familiar? A friend suggested I get on a bike and my cholesterol numbers started dropping, but more than that, it was fun! Picture my typical…

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I spent some time last fall in the Newport Beach Bike Safety Committee; it was my first civic involvement. Many of you know through your own involvement, progress can take time. Entrepreneurs do not typically have patience; I compensate by…

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At age 57 my brother-in-law suggested I get on a bike. Diet and walking weren't controlling my weight or my cholesterol numbers. Biking did. Fast forward a year and I'm biking every chance I get. I travel extensively around the…

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