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The new bike lane that's squeezed so tightly in front of the MOXI Museum got an upgrade this week – bollards. Some say that this is the first implementation of a separated bike lane and while that's an admirable infrastructure…

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Spooked by Santa Barbara Motorists

Thanks to all you impatient Santa Barbara motorists – you spooked my bike riding buddy this week. John was visiting from Portland – his first time in Santa Barbara. He loved the weather, the architecture, the restaurants, but the motorists…

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Ride Lower State Street

You're on your bike heading to the beach. You've passed the railroad tracks – bump, bump, bump – now, what's this? The road narrows quickly, but most cars aren't slowing down. Yikes, here's a truck! Is this safe for bicycles?

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Worst Intersection

It's wet and slippery. It's cobbled with a thousand rough edges to catch your tires. One false move and you're going down. It's a direct route to City College, so it's got traffic congestion. You're outnumbered and vulnerable. It's controlled…

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