Phosphorescent Pedego

Have you Friend'd Pedego Electric Bikes yet? When you do you'll see all kinds of color combinations rolling out the door into the waiting arms of their happy electric bike customers. I've seen black with green rims, pink with electric yellow rims — really, anything goes! Mine's plain white with white rims. The most color you'll see on my bike is whatever I'm wearing and like many of my bike advocate friends, I'm usually dressed up like a human Cheeto. (Kudos to David Huntsman ... Continue Reading

Packing Ultra Light Electronics

Packing for Halifax isn't easy. Temperatures have warmed, but it's still cool and coastal. Then there's the electronics. What's the least I can bring to take photos and document the bike tour while posting to the blog, too? I left the Apple store with much of my wallet still intact. Would I get the new iPad and take it instead of the MacBook Air? That would save more than a pound from my panniers. I arrived early, right after opening, so Brandon had time to consider some alternatives with ... Continue Reading

Final Preparations

It's time for the last few preparations as I finalize my bike for the Erie Canal ride coming up in just a few weeks. Campus Wheeelworks in Buffalo wants the bike shipped to them 2 weeks prior to my departure — one week for shipping and the balance for reassembly. Then I'll be ready to pick up the bike when I arrive September 14th. My pal, Kent, arrives the 15th and we push right off for Niagara Falls, one of several side trips on this ride. In a previous post I reviewed the ... Continue Reading