Janette Sadik-Khan’s TED Talk

Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner NYC DOT: NY Streets? Not so mean anymore As bike advocates we've all heard the mantra: To make really effective changes, it takes commitment from the top. When you have that commitment and leadership, like NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Sadik-Khan, great things can happen. Watch her describe the highlights of her past 6 years' accomplishments.   Continue Reading

From the National Women’s Bicycling Forum

I knew this one-day event had the potential to steal the buzz from the entire week of the National Bike Summit. The National Women's Bicycling Forum had a super turnout, inspiring speakers, and great buzz. I met people from across the country and internationally, some new friends and some I've spoken to but never met in person. I keep asking myself, "Why did I want to sponsor this event?" Lots of reasons, like many of my best interview guests are women, and women are under represe... Continue Reading

Top Videos of 2012

Well, it's that time of year and I'm poking around in the archives. There are a few favorite videos; watch them again... Big Corona Beach time lapse, Sunday August 26th. The most-watched video of the year: Riding into Trouble Newport Coast's David Huntsman stars in: Blocked Bike Lane Continue Reading

Let’s Make the Case for Separated Bike Lanes

Physically Separated Bike Lanes from Streetfilms on Vimeo. Vancouver hosted a major city planning conference this summer. Word keeps trickling out about the latest developments in bike infrastructure — separated bike lanes. Sarah Goodyear summarizes in "The Case for Separated Bike Lanes". They'd be great on uphill climbs, along zippy stretches of Coast Hwy; I can think of many spots where they'd protect cyclists. We've got to do something more to save lives and I'm afraid more ... Continue Reading

Overheard Last Night

Pizza and beer combined with an almost full moon — that was the setting as a dozen bike advocates from as far south as San Clemente gathered at my house to kick around bike safety priorities that hopefully Newport Beach will consider. Although we met 2 weeks ago, Monday night will be the first working meeting of the Bike Safety Committee since the death of 2 women cyclists. Everyone has ideas, so Orange County Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Pete Van Nuys proposed getting concer... Continue Reading

The Case for Sharrows in CdM [UPDATED]

Tonight the Newport Beach Bike Safety Committee voted 6-1 for Sharrows on Coast Hwy through Corona del Mar. More details at bikeNewportbeach. The Newport Beach Bike Safety Committee takes up the case for Sharrows again — join us in the Friends Room at the Main Library on Avocado at 4:30pm Monday May 7th. This video shows a common occurrence; cyclists, even skilled ones, tend to fear being overtaken from behind, so they ride far to the right — they discount what's equally ... Continue Reading