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Worst Intersection

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Grocery shopping on the Mesa

Feels like a holiday weekend as the Super Bowl and the Santa Barbara Film Festival overlap – the city is abuzz. Gotta get some supplies and we'd never been to Lazy Acres on the Mesa, so I get out the panniers and off we go on an urban adventure. We're new to Santa Barbara – we lived in Orange County for 20 years – as old friends come for a visit I take them for a bike ride up to City College, for the views. It's just a short ride higher to the best grocery store in town. The ... Continue Reading

Streets are for Protest Marches

Why I bailed on Portland

After only 18 months, I bailed on Portland – why? I had my reasons, but may I start with why I moved to Portland in the first place? I had family there and I would move into the same high-rise apartment building downtown. That was a big plus. The MAX line, Portland's light rail service, could take me wherever I needed to go. I could bring my bike onboard, for a meeting across the river or to a bike-overnight. Portland is a Platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Community, as rated by ... Continue Reading

Nick Bedbury, Upstream Research

Tracking Lead and Industrial Toxics Who are the polluters near where you live? What are they sending up the chimney? How toxic is it? What can you do about it? Nick probably knows. "Upstream Research is a spatial health company," according to CEO Nick Bedbury. He's developing a business model to: Share environmental data, specifically pollution from lead and toxic industrial sources, So as to engage citizen activists and others, and Suggest a game-plan and provide the ... Continue Reading

Little Boy Bennett

I must have looked lost, too. "Can you find my dad?" A little boy was standing there, calmly asking me. I felt like I was 10 feet tall, he was that small. His urgent appeal snapped me out of my own search. I was standing just off the busy path at the farmers market at PSU – I was looking for my wife. He must have sensed that. Just the moment before I'm observing the crowd – some sitting eating, others hustling by, while others stop, exclaim hellos and embrace friends. This sight ... Continue Reading

Learning Bikeshare one-way at a time

Google Maps showed it was only 3.9 miles away – not far for a bike ride to coffee in Hollywood. The route, the blue line, appears so effortlessly, but I had qualms – there are busy roads along the appointed way. I decided to take the MAX and I was glad I did – at 7:30am I was opting for the easy way to get there. Next time I'll budget a few more minutes – I got there right on time. When the meeting was over I assumed I could hop on a Bikeshare and pedal myself home. It's ... Continue Reading