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Back in Portland

I'm back in Portland; starting Monday I'm enrolled in UBI's Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance class. This trip is a good excuse to visit family, too.…

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Moro Campground

Week-long trips on the bike are staggered across my summer months; meanwhile I'm itching for a simple getaway, a bike overnight. But where in this…

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CdM Crash Victim Speaks up

"Do you know what happened?" "You were left-hooked," I explain, then tell him what Deputy Chief McGill told me of the circumstances of the crash.…

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Wrap Up with Deputy Chief McGill

Someone once told me: never pickup calls with the caller id BLOCKED; it's hard to break old habits. Today my phone showed several incoming calls…

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The Chief Responds

"If you don't feel you were treated fairly, you can call..." I stopped listening as my mind started wondering. Would I contact Chief Johnson? And…

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