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Carlsbad’s Pilot Projects, Bryan Jones

His business card reads, "Deputy Director, City Traffic Engineer"; meet Bryan Jones from the City of Carlsbad, CA. He's a fellow bike rider – we ride the same brand. He's a great coach, after only an hour together and I am learning how to be a more effective advocate. He's practiced – he's done all this before in Fresno before moving to Carlsbad only 2 years ago. He's having a big impact; already Carlsbad is a bright spot along the coast for those who wish to bike and walk. ... Continue Reading

Leah Shahum, SFBC

She's the Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and a board member of the national Alliance for Biking and Walking — meet Leah Shahum. I sat in on a session in Washington D.C. earlier this year at the National Bike Summit where Leah was sharing her stories of building a vibrant cycling community. I knew right then I had to get her on the show. It would be Jeff Miller at the Alliance who would make the introduction. San Francisco is a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly ... Continue Reading

Bike Rack Potential

Ron Yeo and I spent some time this morning on field work. Yeah, we knew there was nothing but a blank canvas when it comes to bike racks for Corona del Mar, but where exactly? Ron knew that Ace Hardware was at the top of my list; I'm usually locking up to a sign post. Albertsons – not many opportunities here and too bad because grocery shopping by bike is fun. Once we started spotting red curbs as potential bike rack sites, we found lots of opportunities. Placing them in ... Continue Reading

A Parking Plan for CdM

Everyone agreed on one thing – the focus of the new Parking Plan for Corona del Mar is economic development. Yesterday was the kick-off day for the plan process with Brenda Wisneski and Fern Nueno from the City joining several members from the CdM BID. Nelson Nygaard's Brian Canepa did most of the talking; his first question: What did everyone want? Put many different ways perhaps, BID President Bernie Svalstad summed it up, "A plan for the future." How would bike ... Continue Reading

Ramon Zavala, Chicken or the Egg?

On a recent bike advocates conference call Ramon introduced this argument, "Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?" as it relates to installing bike racks in business districts. I asked him to write up his thoughts to share here. I always have so much to say about bike parking (!) as it's all part of a greater bicycle security concept that includes explaining the differences between the different rack styles, placement, locking education, anti-bike-thief measures, and (eventually) the ... Continue Reading

The Economic Impact of Bicycling

She's recently returned from speaking engagements in Toronto and at the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC; Green Octopus Consulting's April Economides speaks about how bicycling pays for local businesses. In 2010 the City of Long Beach got a LA County Public Health grant; the objective: to bring more customers to 4 business districts by bike. Yes, that's good for health and for business. How did the merchants react? Of course, not all of them were open to the idea, so how ... Continue Reading