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There's a change in the weather on Prince Edward Island, for the better. It's been cold and wet, now the 10-day forecast shows milder conditions. It's still hard to pack for this outing; knowing that it can turn cold and wet means I must have a plan for that, even if the forecast calls for 50's and 60's. A full set of rain gear with lots of wool layers are in the panniers. I leave Thursday for a 10-day trip to Eastern Canada; a week bike tour on PEI then 3 days in Halifax for the ... Continue Reading

Announcing the Cold and Wet Tour

The kids return to school, but I'm still itchin' to stay riding, so this weekend I pulled the trigger on a week-long tour of Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada. It's Canada's smallest province, but big into cycling. Their Confederation Trail travels the length of the island — off-road and flat. I have a business excuse for this trip: the First Angel Network in Halifax, Nova Scotia is hosting the 2012 National Angel Summit. FAN made me an honorary member and placed me on the ... Continue Reading

John Luton, Cycle Vancouver Island

I first learned of John through his bike rack guide, Bicycles at Rest, but I couldn't remember how I got a copy, after all it was printed in Victoria, British Columbia. It took some while before I realized the connection to my bikeNewportBeach riding buddy, Matt O'Toole, who has spent many an idle moment sailing the waters in and around Vancouver Island. Recently I had a more personal reason to reach out to John: I began planning a family bike vacation, in part to celebrate my 60th ... Continue Reading

Packing for Halifax

How would you pack for this weather? It is early-season, but that's a lot of rain in the forecast, plus cool temperatures. Maybe all this rain will be followed by warmer, drier weather next week; meanwhile, I've ordered a poncho. "It's good cycling weather," according to Joanne Byrne at Pedal and Sea Adventures where I'll rent a touring bike. For me this is an excuse to combine a business trip with a bike ride around Nova Scotia, or some part of it. I've visited before; 4 years ago I ... Continue Reading

Nova Scotia Coastal Tour

The first whiff of Spring and I'm itching to get out on the bike for a week-long tour. For so long I've wondered, what kind of cyclist am I? As of today, I'm a touring cyclist. It comes from my interest in ultra-light backpacking. I'm not drilling holes in my toothbrush, but I do count grams when hiking or biking. Over the years I've learned to be quite comfortable with less. Plus, I'm really good at doing laundry in a sink, which gives me something to do each night. Followers of ... Continue Reading