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Halifax Postscript

There are so many lingering memories of my time in Eastern Canada I'd like to share. Let's start with the parklets — they have a nice twist on this transformation of a few parking places into a sidewalk dining setting. This strikes me as much more efficient than the parklet design in Long Beach where the diners are sitting out in the street and the wait staff must traverse the sidewalk to reach them. Pedestrians are used to walking close to moving vehicles; I think the experience is ... Continue Reading

Return to Halifax

"Aren't you from Los Angeles?" It was young John; we met Tuesday on the bike path when I was coming back from Peggy's Cove. He kept me company as I struggled the last few miles back from my biggest single ride of the week. He was out again this gorgeous day; heading south while I was bound for the city. I had stopped for a snack in the shade of a tree by a lake. He pedaled past then turned around. It was nice to see a familiar face on this solo bike ride along the Nova Scotia coast. We ... Continue Reading

Queensland, Nova Scotia

Today is an easy day as I make my way back towards Halifax. It's the warmest day of the year in these parts, so the off-road bike path isn't so lonely. This is an out-and-back route, so I'm retracing some steps as I head back to the city. There are options for side-trips, like my ride into Hubbards. Even before I exit the trail I can see cyclists on Route 3 zipping by. My time on the roads is short; the Surfside Inn in Queensland is not far. The Hubbards' Farmers Market was just closing ... Continue Reading

Chester, Nova Scotia

I had greater ambitions today, but I couldn't pull it off. And what does it matter? Russ and Laura write that the best bike tours are the open ended ones, without set departures or fixed schedules. It's hard to arrange a tour like that if you only have 2 weeks, or in my case, 8 days. The rails-to-trails path is awesome, with just one caveat: it's lonely out there. It's Friday so I expected more company on the trail, but I wouldn't even see one person per hour, which is a ... Continue Reading

Abandon the pants

My 4-day Nova Scotia tour would be a little different. For one, I'd be speaking at 2 angel investor meetings; this presented a packing challenge. I wore long dress pants on the flight to Halifax. Ordinarily long pants wouldn't get packed; 2 pair of shorts is all I wanted to bring. First Angel Network's Ross Finlay said I could've packed a tie, but that's too formal for me. He volunteered, "We'll auction off the pants!" He's quick with a laugh. Before I left Halifax I spent some time ... Continue Reading

Peggy’s Cove loop

Eight hours is a few too many, that's my day today: Day 1 in Halifax — the ultimate cure for jet lag — a 65 mile loop fully loaded. Days here are long; I was shocked when I finally reached my hotel — I didn't believe it at first — all that time on the bike. Half of it in a fierce headwind, the second half blissfully with the wind at my back. I'll mention the winds to my local friends, but I can hear them now, "That's nothing..." I only planned to do about 30 miles. ... Continue Reading