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Bob Mionske, When Collisions Occur

No one likes to imagine they'll be in a collision, but a little pre-planning could go a long way to repairing whatever damages you might suffer. That's what Bob and I discuss on today's show. On vacation in Portland at the end of August, I wasn't in town 2 hours when we're off to dinner. Who walks in and sits next to us? Bob Mionske. Although we've only met in person once or twice, we recognized each other right away. He's appeared on the show here a few times — we both got a kick ... Continue Reading

Bob Mionske, Fight or Flight

He's the author of Bicycling and the Law; this former bicycle racer writes Road Rights, a monthly column in Bicycling magazine. I wanted to get his thoughts on bike riding on sidewalks, because it's a subject that keeps on coming up. But first we chat about mirrors, eye wear, distracted drivers, riding in the rain and 3-foot laws, like the one that's coming back around to Governor Brown's desk again soon. Bob reminds me of the most important part of any 3-foot rule. Then he adds the ... Continue Reading

Keeping Your Cool, Bob Mionske

Ever wanted to confront that driver who just buzzed you? How often do you lose your cool while driving a car? Inconsiderate drivers can make us all a little crazy. Now picture yourself on your bike; that same motorist can be dangerous and annoying. It's the crux of the bicyclist versus motor vehicle disharmony; that's where we end up in our discussion. The longer we talk the better everything sounds, and for more than the obvious reasons. Since the last time we spoke, I've added a ... Continue Reading

Bob Mionske, Bicycling and the Law

He's a former Olympic cyclist turned attorney and author, and I'm surprised, his Bicycling and the Law: Your Rights As A Cyclist is a fun read! Why would I think otherwise? He covers so many great topics, we could chat for hours. He's got the stories and the legal interpretations to go with them, like why don't more states, like Idaho, allow cyclists to roll through stop signs? When can a cyclist legally run a red light? Which states allow earbuds and which don't? He's a fountain of ... Continue Reading