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Dutch Dames

If a city has the safe infrastructure, does that necessarily lead to bringing out more women on bikes? Because there's little off-road routes here in Southern California, is that why there are so few women pedaling to work? Is there…

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Culture Clash

The basket looks like it weighs more than the road bike I was ogling this morning. Since then I've been suffering a bad case of culture clash. Let me explain. In 8 days in the Netherlands last week I saw…

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Saturday Errands

It warmed up a little late this afternoon in Amsterdam; that's what a light rain can do. The city is jammed with tourists of all types. Because I'm alone I especially notice all the couples, but the locals are out…

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Amsterdam at Dusk

A new friend took the train in to spend the day with me; Rene Reijtenbagh administers an angel group. He's an entrepreneur, an investor and we're both raising two boys, too, so we have lots in common. We walked and…

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