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Saturday Excitement

My fellow bike safety advocate, Mark Goodley, joined the Boy Scout ride yesterday; it was his second time taking up the rear. He's a former Eagle scout himself and remembers earning Cycling merit badge, too. For safety, I'm psyched to have as many adults along for the ride as possible. Yesterday's ride was a good example. We planned a simple Bay Bay loop; in part because I had a newcomer to the group, a young scout and I wanted to match a ride to his capabilities. His Mom came along, ... Continue Reading

Memorial Ride Draws Hundreds

Tragedy struck Newport Beach last month in the form of deadly traffic collisions involving women on bikes. Today the community gathered to remember and to pledge their commitment to safety. For more photos visit bikeNewportBeach.org. Continue Reading

Councilwoman Leslie Daigle

She's the second term City Councilwoman for District 4 in Newport Beach; meet Leslie Daigle. At 8am on Sunday October 28th she'll lead a Memorial Ride around Fashion Island dedicated to the memory of Sarah Leaf, 29 and Dr. Campion, 57, who were killed in one 24 hour period in September. Leslie's well suited to lead the ride; she's toured around the world on her bicycle. What are the challenges cyclists face as we demand improved safety on our streets? Is there a budget issue? ... Continue Reading

This Latest Fatality

A Facebook friend wrote this on my timeline; I've been pondering a response... I am pretty sure the Bicycle Safety Committee has failed. A 22 year old girl killed on her bike at an intersection already identified by the committee as being dangerous. I know you guys have been trying but this is so tragic words can't describe. What can we do to change this? I've been on the Bike Safety Committee 2 out of the past 3 years; my friend for one. He asks a good question: What good does it do to ... Continue Reading

Barbara Takes A Tumble

At first I was reluctant to pen this post; no, not for the sake of my wife's privacy — she knows I can't help but find something to write about from this. Instead it was my anticipation of the feedback I'll hear from my bike riding pals — that I was riding on the sidewalk! She was more rattled than injured, although she's nursing some deep bruises and a scrape on her elbow. "I thought I would get run over." Like lots of bumps and scrapes, "I feel the worst today," she offered ... Continue Reading

Off-Road Ride to Sunset Beach

Mark Knaeps has a son in Boy Scouts, too; that's how we met. We teamed up to get a bunch of the boys through Cycling merit badge. He emailed last week looking for a pedaling partner for a lunch time ride, with one condition. Not everyone wants to ride in traffic and most days that's my choice, too, so when Mark set these guidelines for our lunchtime ride I knew just where to go. We'd meet at the Newport pier then pedal the bike lane on Seashore to the boardwalk in Huntington Beach, all ... Continue Reading