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Rethinking Transportation

When the Rethink Transportation report hit this spring, you could almost feel the shock waves. Transportation evangelists across the country posted links to the report and shared their own derivative ideas as to how our cities should adapt. Tony Seba's…

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Ramon Zavala, Chicken or the Egg?

On a recent bike advocates conference call Ramon introduced this argument, "Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?" as it relates to installing bike racks in business districts. I asked him to write up his thoughts to share here.…

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Lots of Looking

I've been looking for things lately. Yesterday it was cameras — I have too many, but this specific search was focused on a particular tripod. Once I found the tripod I had to find the little camera-to-tripod attachment gizmo. You…

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Dining in the Street

Charlie Gandy at Lola's

Dinner only cost $20,000 last night. That’s not what I paid; for me it was only $20. The restauranteur shelled out the 20 large tacos to pay for the outdoor seating.

Long Beach bike advocates held a celebratory dinner last night. The occasion? The City’s first parklet in Retro Row outside Lola’s Mexican Cuisine restaurant. Charlie Gandy, Women on Bikes SoCal and the Bikeable Communities crowd were all in attendance. I met Jennifer Klausner, Executive Director of the LA County Bicycle Coalition.

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