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Foggy Morning

Outside the Charlottetown City Hall It's a foggy 63 degrees here in Charlottetown Sunday morning. Any day could be the last of such warm weather; according to my phone's forecast – today is. They've had a warm summer, winter, too, like everywhere else. Chances are that'll repeat this year, too. Later this morning a shuttle van will transport me to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'll arrive a few days early for the National Angel Summit. Long term followers will recall my 4 days on the bike in May ... Continue Reading

PEI Postponed

Was it a rash decision to scrub this ride? Or was it a bad idea to squeeze this increasingly shrinking bike tour into this busy week? It's been distracting, fielding the phone calls and emails from a NH attorney, my sister in Maine, and the Northwood Lake realtor. It's just too complicated, I've decided, to close a real estate transaction while pedaling around PEI. Solo bike tours have a critical component for success — peace of mind. The lonely trail is no place for a racing mind. ... Continue Reading

Historic Maplethorpe

While I'm cleaning up after my 40 mile ride, I hear laughter filtering up from the kitchen — that's a good sign. It's Friday night in Bedeque, PEI and the Historic Maplethorpe is a B&B, but more — there's a crowd gathering for a homemade super. When I called to make the reservation, Diana was quick to say, "One for dinner? We'll find a way to squeeze you in." Last night's dinner was well attended. This would be my first night's destination, because of the dinner option. ... Continue Reading

Riding the Rails

The trail surface is the best I've ever ridden on — hours go by before I notice that I haven't been watching the trail. Most trails require constant vigilance, but here there's not a single hazard. I did almost ride off the trail at one point — an eagle and a raven were arguing right overhead and I thought I'd watch it unfold. As I made the quick corrective move to stay upright, my eyes drifted down the steep bank — a reminder of the railroad track it originally was — ... Continue Reading

Bedeque, PEI

The first day is always the hardest; that's when anticipation meets reality. I'm excited as this most beautiful of fall days begins. I carry the panniers about a mile to meet Brett at Outer Limit Sports. The bike's all ready and in minutes I'm pedaling to the outskirts of Charlottetown, looking for the Confederation Trail. That's why I'm here; I wanted to test ride this rails-to-trails route. It goes from one end of the island to the other; I'll only sample about a third of it, but I can ... Continue Reading

Two Days Late in Toronto

It took me an extra 2 days to get out of town, but I'm finally on my way — laying over in Toronto on the way to Charlottetown, PEI. I found it's not easy leaving town in mid October; the realities of business and family complicated my departure on this fantasy bike ride and business trip. I pick up the bike in the morning and start pedaling east. I'm looking forward to sharing the experience... Continue Reading