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Peter Gerrard, The Examiner

The Memorial Ride is well in the past. The Bike Safety Improvement Fund has attracted a lot of money for eventual improvements. Where do we go from here? Today, the tables are turned. The Examiner's Peter Gerrard writes of bike safety issues, so when he reached out to me and April Morris I suggested we complement his article with this audio interview. So today you enjoy a multimedia twofer: find Peter's article here. Show #48 Listen. Continue Reading

Sweet Circumstance

How often do you get to give a little corrective feedback to an errant motorist? I had my opportunity as I was heading home from an early morning meeting. I've had like zero times to actually comment to a motorist after they've been blowing their horn at me; I'm still savoring the moment. Many meetings over coffee are early, this one would take me along Coast Hwy to Cappy's Cafe. We've all done this route yet it causes me to reflect – how much traffic will there be? At that time of day, ... Continue Reading

Saturday at Starbucks

Where else should I be? Starbucks at Goldenrod & Coast Hwy is where the cyclists are. I spent some time here yesterday – I came to shoot cyclists in motion, like I was doing in the Netherlands. My trip photos turned out so well – cyclists in motion with blurred backgrounds – I wanted to keep shooting here at home. It was only an after-thought yesterday when I passed out a handful of the blue business-card-sized Sharrows cards. I brought more this morning. It was not so ... Continue Reading

Door Zone Dad

"What're you shooting?" When you hang out on the corner in front of Starbucks people make small talk. For me, I felt like I was working; I wanted to see how cyclists were riding the Sharrows through CdM. They weren't. Based on my experience riding Coast Hwy the past few weeks – motorists get it. No one's blown a horn at me. I never expected that cyclists would be so clueless. Today is Black Friday so many were at the mall. When I arrived at this intersection it was nearly 11am ... Continue Reading

Old Habits Die Hard

Do I have to draw you a picture? I was moving too slow to catch the early-birds riding through Corona del Mar this morning; I was positioned outside the RiteAid around 11:30am. This is the first Saturday after the Sharrows installation. Most of the cyclists don't understand what they mean, or they're set in their ways. Whatever the case, this small sample size showed poor understanding of what the Sharrows meant — too many cyclists continue riding in the door zone. ... Continue Reading

The Reviews Are In

"Very nicely done," A. C. "Bicyclists across the city and the county owe you and your fellow activists a debt of gratitude!" G. W. "Yay!" B. B. "Let's see how the drivers react," H. B. "Bikes always could use the full lane, but the city is finally willing to remind drivers of that. Bravo!" M. O. "Love it! I have regularly "taken the lane" through Corona del Mar over the past 30 years and have had a variety of reactions. Let's hope the range of reactions narrows towards the ... Continue Reading