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Sweet Circumstance

How often do you get to give a little corrective feedback to an errant motorist? I had my opportunity as I was heading home from an early morning meeting. I've had like zero times to actually comment to a motorist…

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Saturday at Starbucks

Where else should I be? Starbucks at Goldenrod & Coast Hwy is where the cyclists are. I spent some time here yesterday – I came to shoot cyclists in motion, like I was doing in the Netherlands. My trip photos…

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Door Zone Dad

"What're you shooting?" When you hang out on the corner in front of Starbucks people make small talk. For me, I felt like I was working; I wanted to see how cyclists were riding the Sharrows through CdM. They weren't.…

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Old Habits Die Hard

Do I have to draw you a picture? I was moving too slow to catch the early-birds riding through Corona del Mar this morning; I was positioned outside the RiteAid around 11:30am. This is the first Saturday after the Sharrows…

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The Reviews Are In

"Very nicely done," A. C. "Bicyclists across the city and the county owe you and your fellow activists a debt of gratitude!" G. W. "Yay!" B. B. "Let's see how the drivers react," H. B. "Bikes always could use the…

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