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Leadership Retreat on the Queen Mary

Jeff Miller and his Alliance for Walking and Biking hosted a Leadership Retreat in Long Beach this weekend. It was a 3-day conference attended by leaders of bicycle coalitions from across the country. One feature of registration: accommodations were included — on the Queen Mary no less, but each of us would have a roommate. It's been awhile, since college days, when I had an arbitrarily selected roommate. I hit the jackpot with Matt VanSlyke. Matt's with the NY Bicycling Coalit... Continue Reading

Post Portland

My whirlwind visit to Portland is over; it's recovery time now. I was burning the candle at both ends this week; the class was intense and ran all day — evenings were filled with friends and family. The days run long this far north and it's hard to sleep when it feels so early. I'm not complaining — it was a fabulous week, exhilarating and refreshing, like a vacation should be, only this week was dedicated to bike maintenance skill building. And time with my son. On the ... Continue Reading

Drivetrain, Day 2

Everything in the drivetrain came off the bike today. At times It looks like I'm having a hard time keeping up with the exercises, so I point out that I'm working on 2 bikes for each assignment. One bike is the loaner UBI has at each station, the other is my Brompton fold-up, which is quite different from everything else. So I'm getting quite an education in this Bicycle Maintenance class. Today was Day 2: Drivetrains. Chains and crank wheels, axles, lots of grease and it all adds up to ... Continue Reading