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Rethinking Transportation

When the Rethink Transportation report hit this spring, you could almost feel the shock waves. Transportation evangelists across the country posted links to the report and shared their own derivative ideas as to how our cities should adapt. Tony Seba's…

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Bike Friday’s Alan Scholz

Bike Friday's always filled that niche for a travel bike I've been making monthly trips to Eugene – the people, the manufacturing facility and the bicycle have left a lasting impression. My first visit included a tour of the factory.…

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There's a change in the weather on Prince Edward Island, for the better. It's been cold and wet, now the 10-day forecast shows milder conditions. It's still hard to pack for this outing; knowing that it can turn cold and…

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Announcing the Cold and Wet Tour

The kids return to school, but I'm still itchin' to stay riding, so this weekend I pulled the trigger on a week-long tour of Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada. It's Canada's smallest province, but big into cycling. Their Confederation…

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The Ongoing Pursuit of Minimalism

As I packed for my recent trip to Halifax you'll remember, I ditched the big camera and laptop. The iPhone was going anyway and if it could act as camera and computer then this represented a significant weight savings, bulk,…

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