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Preparing for the Erie Canal

I’ve wanted to take this trip for a year: tour the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany, about 400 miles. I get my chance next month.

It’ll be a good tour for a rookie and I’ve talked my best friend from high school into joining me. The route is mostly flat; picture the tow path along the canal, now turned into a bike path. It’ll be a super 8 days on the bike.

The Erie Canal runs from Buffalo to Albany

There’s a lot of documentation for this ride; Parks and Trails New York runs an annual week-long tour the length of the canal. They’ve documented every part of the route along with lists of equipment, hotels and B&Bs and bike repair shops on the way, too.

To get prepared I’ve had to make a few modifications to my bike:



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  1. Sounds like a great ride. When I rode across the USA from Seattle to Boston about ten years ago, I took a road route between Buffalo and Albany. It was very scenic, but very hilly. The rolling hills were harder than the Rockies, because they were steeper and you had to downshift much lower, and when you got a downhill it wasn’t long enough to get you far enough up the next hill. But you should be fine with relatively flat riding on the path, enjoy your tour!

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