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Bob Mionske, Bicycling And The Law

Bob Mionske, Bicycling and the Law

Bob Mionske

He’s a former Olympic cyclist turned attorney and author, and I’m surprised, his Bicycling and the Law: Your Rights As A Cyclist is a fun read! Why would I think otherwise?

Read Bob's bookHe covers so many great topics, we could chat for hours. He’s got the stories and the legal interpretations to go with them, like why don’t more states, like Idaho, allow cyclists to roll through stop signs? When can a cyclist legally run a red light? Which states allow earbuds and which don’t?

He’s a fountain of knowledge when it comes to bike law, and not just in Oregon.

Meet Bob Mionske. Maybe like me, you could listen for hours…

P.S. Since we chatted, I have added a rear-view mirror to my bike.

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Just one ear, remember!
Remember, just one ear!



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