I was off the bike for 35 years.

Like you, I rode a bike as a kid; I had a paper route delivering the Boston Globe. In college in Eugene everyone was riding a bike, me included.

But when I moved to L.A. my happy years on the bike ended.

When I finally did get back on the bike I became a zealot.

Cut my teeth in Newport Beach

When I finally did get back on the bike I became a zealot.

This was amazing! Isn’t Corona del Mar a beautiful place to ride?
It was indeed, if you stayed off the busy thoroughfares.

When the City of Newport Beach started a Bike Safety Task Force in 2009 I jumped at the opportunity to serve. I learned a lot about local politics and resistance to change. I was frustrated at the process.

Then I started podcasting. If my local elected officials wouldn’t listen to me, maybe they’d listen to recognized experts in the field. It worked, plus people all over Southern California were listening. Did that make it easier to effect change? A little.

Platinum Portand

Then I moved to Portland, a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community. Motorists are courteous here because most of them are bike riders who just happen to be driving a car at this moment.

Then I moved again, this time to Santa Barbara – maybe settling for good, but motorists here are much more like their peers in L.A., not like in Portland.

I’d like to make a difference; I’d like to make Santa Barbara a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community, too.

So listen to the podcasts and share them with a friend.

Frank Peters