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Heather Rose Rides The Oregon Timber Trail

Heather Rose Rides the Oregon Timber Trail

She’s from Santa Barbara and she’s the first to ride and finish the new Oregon Timber Trail – meet Heather Rose.

The Timber Trail is a doubling down by Oregon, as they already dominate the bicycle tourism market. They started with a plan to promote tourism in remote parts of the state with the gorgeous Oregon Scenic Bikeways on the slick RideOregon website. Now with the Timber Trail, Oregon goes a giant step forward featuring a mountain bike trail from the California border to the Columbia River.

Bikepacking became the term that defines adventure seeking cyclists like Heather. Of course, the fact that she’s the first person to ride this super adventurous route, all 668 miles, and the fact that she’s a woman, well, that’s a lot of news in the world of bikepacking.

Oregon’s success has inspired Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties to collaborate on bicycle tourism; check out cycleCalCoast.

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